Yes. I did say Canned Chips. Today I was sitting with, Kasserole, Jello, Strawberry, and Reeses. I was trying to open my can,(so I can get my delicious potate chips), and I was having trouble. So reeses offered to help, and took about 5-10 minutes trying to open it. She took kasserole's pen and started to poke holes in it. After a while, I saw she ripped one piece off. Strawberry and I were watching her and then she got half of it ripped off! About half of the chips were on the floor, and I started to laugh. I mean 'cmon! That was funny! In the end, me and strawberry ended up cleaning it up and we got our hands dirty, but it was worth it!
casey glass
12/5/2009 11:17:40 am

lol i just found out from kasserole that u hav a site too. i neva new that

12/5/2009 09:49:08 pm

LOL. It's true! Oh and uh we got this website around the same time as Kasserole did. LOL I have been the one leaving comments all the time,but don't bother leaving links. Well now you know!:)


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