How the cookies where formed...

One day when we were baking in the oven when Sprinkles had an idea. She said "Hey! Let's get out of here and make a website!" Sugar was, like, "Okay! I'll use weebly!" Chocolate, Double chocolate, and Strawberry wasn't in the oven yet, so we started on our own. The only problem is that Sugar and Sprinkles were trapped in the oven!

One time when the baker opened the oven, Sprinkles was able to escape, but Sugar couldn't go. The baker now put in Chocolate Chip, Double Chocolate Chip, and Strawberry. That is how Sugar and the rest of the gang meet for the first time.

Sprinkle,on the other hand, was running towards the house phone, to call Sugar to tell her that she wanted to do the webisite, but Sugar was STILL in the oven. 

Chocolate chip, and Double Chocolate chip helped Sugar to see through the oven window, and Strawberry gave her a boost through the little hole in the top of the oven. Then, one by one, the rest of the cookies came out.

The group of cookies met up with Sprinkles at the computer hub. They designed the website, and now look where it got them! 

And that's how the cookies where formed, sorta...

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