Hey. I don't know whether this guy likes me or not. Should I ask him? Should I wait until he ask me out? I'm confused!

Dear Skybaby14,

Sugar says wait for him to ask you, or have a friend of yours ask him if he likes you. You will never know until to ask! Kasserole says flirting works wonders, so you could check that out. And a fan of us on Facebook says that you can get yourself all pretty and dress nicley for him to notice you. 

12/28/2009 12:23:43 am

i am having guy trouble too. I have already asked him if he likes me... well just asked him to the dance and he sadi he doesn't like me like that so now we like neva tlk. I think I luv him tho cuz i hav known him since i was 2. wat should i do?????

12/28/2009 01:25:16 am

Okay. If you are the mystery person who commented before, I am so Sorry that Sprinkles hasn't responded. ... I have been telling her to do it, then gave up after 2-3 days.

If you are not, are you comfortable about this being put up as a new Ask the cookies? If you aren't, then leave another comment with an email link and one of the cookies will contact you. If you are, it is the same thing.

Don't worry I have a guy friend I knew since I was born, cause our mom's go WAAAYY back. We will try to help you.


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