All right. You guys know about The World Food Programme, right? Ya'Know, its to help stop world hunger? Okay. Well, you go to this website, freerice , and you answer a vocab. question. Every time you get one right, you donate 10 grains of rice. It goes on like that. Now, i want everyone to get there, and use your brains. Then come back here and tell us how many grains of rice you have donated. Sugar will start: 520. IO know thats not a lot, but with the power of us, we can raise a lot. 
We want to say a very happy birthday to Double Chocolate Chip! Today is her special day, so can you guys wish her a big one?
Yes, today's superbowl day. Are you guys psyched? I'm not really into football, but the adds are pretty funny! I'm looking forward to the doritos one.:) alright, well new oven, so go and check it out!
Hey guys!

I jusy want to say...


Lets make it into 100! If we make it to 100, Sugar will do....Something! Maybe a drawing.. Yeah a drawing! So well, work hard, eat right, and Keep on loging in into this website!

Sugar OUT! :D
Hey guys! 

Sugar here bringing you guys updates! 
OKay now that that's out of the way, how did you guys think of our random poll? I know, it was weird. That's why I deleted it. :D. Hmm. Who is glad its gone? 

Sorry I haven't been news worthy, I am pushing for Weebly to make an app. It would be LOADS easier if they had one, but then again, apps are expenzivE New oven up! :P Go and check it out!...

Well that's it!
I bet you guys are like, Bananas Congo? What the....Yeah, well Banana's Congo is a stuffed monkey and Sugar won him on one of the claw games! You know, the ones that it is IMPOSSIBLE to get your prizes? So now I can name it Bananas! But, on the tag is its real name, and since we can get sued for saying it, I choose Bananas Congo. LOL He has a brown face, hands,ears,and feet. The rest is black. And he is stuffed! He is sitting at my desk right now, just as an accessory. Well, yeah. Comment below if you have/haven't won one of those claw games before, and if you did/didn't tell us what you won or tried to win!
We would like to say Good Bye to our beloved Sprinkles . She will be greatly missed by the whole Cookies crew. We will miss you! See more about  Sprinkles in the cookie hall of fame. When there, click her name, and you will get her bio, a pic, and what she left in her box. 
Right now it is 12:02 and WE want to say HAPPY 2010!!!!!!!! See you in the morning!
since when did "Sugar" become such a spoiled brat? What happened? You think your all high and mighty because you own a website? well guess what? Your still lower food chain, so get over yourself and start caring about the VEIWERS and not your selfish needs, kay?

I give you five guesses to guess who it is.:D You cant go through life with a few bumps in the road. And we have more views and have more fans. I deleted the petty stuff about the argument. Um I ask what the viewers want. So to the people who view this website. What more do you want? When do I ever put up what I need? EVER? Ahh well remember

Brush your teeth, plot revenge, Have a happy new year, and don't forget to check back daily! :D
I know I shouldn't be doing this and making a scene, but we got our SECOND HATER!!!!!!! Go on faceboook to see what I mean! ^.^  TWO haters in four months? Awesome!