The cookies

There were Five girls. One was so colorful and crazy. Another was as sweet as sugar. Another was so happy and as random as a chocolate chip in a cookie. One girl was so nice it would rub off onto other people like a double chocolate chip cookie. Strawberry...well she is just herself and wont let anyone change her. None of them were the same. Yet they all came together as if it was natural. They were sitting in a room, sprinkles was listening to music with strawberry (one of the only things they agreed on), chocolate chip and double chocolate chip were painting their nails, and sugar was on the computer. This was one of those times when they didn't feel so different from each other.sugar`s little brother, Jet, walked in and started jumping like crazy to the music. Sprinkles got up and joined the crazy dancing. Next thing you know, everyone's dancing. They all fell to the floor laughing. You could see that no matter how different they all were, they had one thing in common. they were all crazy xD