1. Closet is a no-no for hiding.
2. Never leave the knife BY the killer.
3. Never run into the kitchen.
4. Never lock the door.
5. Never trust the cops.(cause they die)
6. Don't cry.
7. Keep the gun hidden.
8. Good hiding place.
9. Always put blood on you, so you LOOK dead.
10. Clean up your bloody cut.
11. Don't hide in the bathroom.
12. Big desk are a no-no for hiding.
13. Don't get the ball in the dark forest.
14. Don't follow the noise, IT'S THE KILLER.
15. Silence your cell phones.

LOL. Sugar Sprinkles Choco Kasserole starburst and a few other people helped on this. We <3 you guys!:D
9/8/2009 10:42:37 am

lmao, I remeber this!

10/14/2009 07:20:58 am

that is so funny but true!


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