So excited! Im going to see sprinkles and chocolate chip tomorrow, and its going to be so much fun! This is sugar BTW. 
Alright well, wish me luck!
4.Sprinkles=3 votes=11%
4.Sugar=3 votes=11%

1.Chocolate Chip=10 votes=36%..did Choco vote for herself?LOL

3.Double Chocolate Chip=4 votes=14%

2.Strawberry=8 votes=24%

Y'all new random poll up!
Hi! I was just checking our random poll and none of y'all voted for me or sprinkles..

Sprinkles:1(our start off)

Sugar:1(our start off)

Chocolate chip:4

DB chocolate chip:4

...... sniff
Okay so I like random polls on websites because most of them aren't mean. This IS sugar... 

And so every week there would be a new poll in place. Different questions. Different answers. Different pages. 

SO check them out!
And It is new in drama and meaness. Check it out, AND I WILL never tell if that was REAL or an EXAMPLE! ^.^

Love ya lots!
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