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Hey. I don't know whether this guy likes me or not. Should I ask him? Should I wait until he ask me out? I'm confused!

Dear Skybaby14,

Sugar says wait for him to ask you, or have a friend of yours ask him if he likes you. You will never know until to ask! Kasserole says flirting works wonders, so you could check that out. And a fan of us on Facebook says that you can get yourself all pretty and dress nicley for him to notice you. 

Dear Sugar,

My best friend recently did a rating chart with me AND my other B.F.F. without asking either of us. Okay I admit that my other B.F.F. is sick, but still. And so we both hate it when people do it us, and I talked to the person who did it, and she said i doesn't matter. BUT IT DID! We don't care that we got ?,(because EVERYONE did.), but we DO care that people are SHALLOW enough to actually do that to us. And she is our BEST FRIEND. We know our rankings, but we don't like to be used behind our backs for a RATING chart. P.S. One person was SOO mean and gave me a -846,000, out loud. Dirty Looks is what I gave the person!

As I told the 2 kinds that are sitting with me in the class, I told them their ratings, a 2 and a 3. So they said, "She got nothing ALL around, so we really DON'T care." Sure that its a bit mean, but it is revenge. 

So...What should we do?


Dear -864,000,

Talk to her again with your B.F.F. Tell her that if you want to be friends, she HAS to ask you about that. And ratings charts are dumb, but I know they can hurt. I'm glad that you know your&your B.F.F's rating, nicer that your "Best Friend." If she was a REAL B.F.F., would she do that? No. So talk to her, if not, just drop her, like my wise friend once said. 

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